If you’re struggling to win jobs on Upwork, you’re not alone. I made so many mistakes, submitted numerous job proposals, and then honestly, it felt like I was wasting my time trying to win jobs on Upwork. Most people don’t know this, but it actually took me around three to four months to win my first job on the network. I made so many mistakes and honestly had no idea what I was doing in this video. I’m here to help you avoid the mistakes that I made and give you five proven Upwork tips that will help you finally break through and start. Here are five proven Upwork tips that will help you win more freelance jobs!


  1. Add Testimonials
  2. Be Insanely Active
  3. Find Inspiration
  4. Improve Profile SEO
  5. Focus on The Client
  6. Professional Cover Letter

Here are 5 Proven Upwork Tips that will help you win more freelance jobs!

Add Testimonials:

Tip # 01 is to Testimonials are written or spoken statements that promote or suggest a product in the worlds of business and advertising. Ordinary consumers who were requested to write testimonials about a product or service are often everyday consumers.

Be Insanely Active:

The second proven tip to help you win jobs on Upwork is to be insanely active Upwork the highest-earning freelancers on Upwork rarely have to search for jobs.

You need to be insanely active on Upwork which means using the advanced search to frequently check for new job postings and then submitting proposals on jobs that best align with your skill set experience geographic location and other criteria for example let’s say you have a full-time 9 to 5 job and you spend 2 hours after work each day searching for jobs and submitting proposals on Upwork if someone else who’s really similar to you same skill set same experience similar location spends four hours after work each day on Upwork then their chances of winning jobs.

Find Inspiration:

You win jobs on Upwork to get inspiration from high-earning successful freelancers with the highest earnings job success scores talent badges and five-star reviews are freelancers that you need to get inspiration from what they’re obviously doing things right on Upwork or they wouldn’t be where.

Improve Profile SEO:

Tip number four to help you win jobs on Upwork is to improve your Upwork profile search engine optimization or SEO Upwork does not release any information regarding how its algorithm works and I often see new freelancers blaming Upwork’s algorithm for their lack of success or ability to receive job invites and you know what I see the same complaints from YouTubers who complain about youtube search algorithm listen algorithms can change anytime especially on sites like Upwork and you can not control them sometimes my profile ranks near the top of the list for SQL server dba without any filters applied and other times I’m not even on the first-page Upwork does a great job at rotating freelancer profiles to give everyone a fair chance even freelancers that have little to no reviews everyone starts at zero and you cannot control the Upwork search algorithm so if you find yourself complaining about it all you’re doing is wasting your time and energy now what you can do is improve your Upwork profile SEO which will give you the best chance to rank higher in search results and also show up in the recommendations.

Focus on The Client:

Tip number five to help you win jobs on upwork is to focus on the client the entire reason why client creates a job on upwork is to find a freelancer who can help them solve a problem or scale their business that it’s your job to show them how you can solve their problems and showcase examples of your work that can help build their confidence and trust in you for example before i started editing my own youtube videos i worked with a talented video editor who i hired on upwork and that was actually his first ever upwork job so why did i hire a new freelancer with no reviews or client feedback on his upwork profile portfolio and cover letter focused on my specific problems and offered solutions that I wanted he provided great examples of videos that he had edited for other youtubers and even gave me useful recommendations to improve my audio and video quality in your profile overview and cover letter you need to focus on the client and their needs describe how they can depend on you how you can free up their time and how you can add value to their business rather than thinking selfishly and focusing on yourself.

Professional Cover Letter:

It’s so important to make your first few sentences stand out and capture the client’s attention here’s a cover letter that I recently wrote on Upwork which helped me win a job that pays 125 dollars an hour the more focused time and effort that you put into upwork the more jobs that you will win and the more money that you will make the truth is if you want to live life on your own terms be your own boss and become financially free then you have to put in the consistent hard work that each of those require to start doing whatever it takes and look inward rather than blaming everyone around you for your lack of success you are the only person that’s responsible for your success or lack of.