3 Tips For Writing An Awesome Blog Post
3 Tips For Writing An Awesome Blog Post

3 Tips For Writing An Awesome Blog Post

Here are some rules that I use for my own blog, and you can copy them if you want for your blog. I always use the words “you and I” within my blog post. It makes it feel like it’s a conversation between you and me. The next thing that I do is always use paragraphs that are short. My paragraphs typically are never longer than six lines.

Tip # 01:

Take your time composing the first few blog posts—I know this seems counterintuitive—but it’s the first thing you must do. You’ll discover your writing voice, your favourite topics to write about, and what your readers appreciate and detest. After getting that, you can begin templatizing. The first step in templating is to determine the organisation of each of your blog entries. You draught an introduction, body, and conclusion using a simple template. Once you’ve created your template, you should fill it out each time you publish a new blog post.


  • I always write the introduction first when I read a blog post.
  • I am aware that I always have three to seven titles for my body in my template.
  • I create headings by using the key concepts.
  • After that, I write the conclusion, which is a part of every blog article I create.
  • After that, I return to the body and add material to each heading.
  • I’ll decide whether it should be a few paragraphs or a few bullet points.
  • I fill out my template with what I desire.

Tip # 02:

Images are the next step. You need to devise a quick approach to obtain photographs. There are several websites that offer free stock pictures. Ich nutze Fotolia a lot. I purchase photographs, but I can quickly search for an image, locate it, and upload it to my blog post quickly. Your blog post won’t perform as well without graphics because a picture is worth a thousand words. Nobody likes to read text all day. The following step is to establish rules. Here are some guidelines I follow for my own blog, which you are welcome to imitate to its blog.

Tip # 03:

The second thing I always do is write brief paragraphs. I rarely write paragraphs greater than six lines. I make an effort to limit them to four or five lines. I occasionally even use one-line paragraphs.

Tip # 04:

Next, You always include at least six and often even seven photographs in each blog post. Also, You should have provided links to websites that use my findings.

These are my primary guidelines. You may design your own. If you adhere to those suggestions, you’ll be able to automate the process of creating blogs. should not require you to spend longer than two hours on one blog post. There’s a problem if you’re spending more than two hours.

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