Web Based E-Commerce Site

Web Based E-Commerce Site   Project Domain / Category Web based e-commerce site   Abstract/Introduction Through the web site, user will be able to buy different products such as cell phones, electronics, jewelry etc. The site will offer shopping cart, different subscription options for membership, and membership […]

Recipe Maker  

Recipe Maker   Project Domain / Category   Web Based Application System  Abstract/Introduction In our daily lives we often find situations when we have some ingredients and want to make something delicious. When we search for recipes on internet then most of the time, recipes we […]

Information mining and retrieval

Information mining and retrieval  Project Domain / Category Abstract/Introduction Search Engine actually is an information retrieval system that helps users to find information stored on computer system or systems. The search results commonly known as “hits” are presented in the form of a list to […]


  Project Domain / Category This project belongs to Database category.  Abstract/Introduction “VOTING SYSTEM” is a way to cast vote by citizens of a country or state. In this system people who have citizenship of Pakistan and whose age is equal or above 18 years […]

GYM Buddy

GYM Buddy Project Domain / Category Web Based Application System Abstract/Introduction Gym Buddy is a user-friendly website with the main target to help those who are following some fitness plans. It not only helps the Gym makers to manage their activities but also assist its […]

Online Event Management System

Online Event Management System Project Domain / Category Web based Programming Abstract/Introduction The field of Event Management in Pakistan is in its emergent stage as compared to other conventional professions such as medicine, accounting and law etc. However, it is a rapidly growing area in […]

Online Store

Online Store Project Domain / Category Web application Abstract/Introduction The Internet is an important factor of our lives. Through Internet we can communicate with each other, share different type of information and resources. In the today’s ecommerce world, different types of organizations are going to […]

School Management System

School Management System Project Domain / Category Online Web Based Application Abstract/Introduction Education system outlines the backbone of every nation. Technology can play a very crucial role in streamlining the whole system of education. Exploring the technological approach to education, streamlining education process and spiraling […]

Online Air-Travelling Reservation System

Project Domain / Category Web based Application Abstract/Introduction “Online Air-Travelling Reservation System” is web-based application that offers services to reserve airline ticket from given source and destination locations. After reservation customers will collect the tickets from customer care office. Stakeholder 1. Administrator 2. Front Desk […]