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Elevate: Background Oriented Portfolio WP Theme

Ideal for displaying your portfolio in a beautifull way – grid-based, adaptive and very flexible – Elevate is the perfect fit for creatives, agencys and cool people looking for an awesome all-about-the-work portfolio theme.

Background oriented – Elevate is all about the backgrounds! Wether youre publishing a portfolio, page or blog post .. you have the ability to add a custom background! Go nuts with plain background colors, neat background patterns or even full screen background images. Enough possibilities to make your contact pop!

Want those stunning blurred background images like in this preview without touching photoshop Blur.js is built in for you to easily create those trendy blurred full screen backgrounds.

Individual page styles – With Elevate youre not subjected to dark-ish backgrounds only. For your dark-ish backgrounds you can choose a light-ish navigation and for your light-ish backgrounds you can choose a dark-ish navigation.

All-about-the-work – Nough said!

Adaptive – Tired of zooming in and out when viewing your website on a mobile device Elevate is built to be adaptive, wich means that it adapts to the device being used! No more zooming with layouts that adapt to desktop, tablet and mobile. Check it for yourself and resize this badboy .. pretty cool right

Grid based – The portfolio and blog overview pages are grid-based and powered by jQuery Isotope for some extra smoothness.

Post formats – Ofcourse a WordPress theme wouldnt be a WordPress theme without a blog! Therefore Elevate is rockin a pretty awesome blog. Got something to write about besides showcasing your work The blog features a bunch of post-formats (standard, aside, link, quote, images, gallery, audio & video) for you to use and abuse!

Styles drop-down menu – Out with shortcodes and in with the styles drop-down menu! Styling your posts has never been this easy. See directly how your posts get styled in the Tiny MCE Editor. No more messing around with complicated shortcodes and all the madness that comes a long with it. The styles drop-down menu supports: buttons, toggles, pull-quotes, alerts, columns, v- and x-lists and text-highlighting.

So what are you getting exactly when you purchase Expendable Heres a couple of awesome features you get to go nuts with when you buy Expendable:

Beautifull minimal design

Custom backgrounds for every page (colors, patterns and full-screen backgrounds) to give each page its own look and feel

Indiviual page styles to go along with the custom backgrounds (dark and light)

Adaptive design (desktop, tablet and mobile) .. make sure you check out the tablet/mobile version

Awesome grid based portfolio

3 types of navigation to go from page to page (including an awesome load more button)

WordPress 3.4+ ready (including menus, featured images and post-formats that are supported since WordPress 3.1)

Custom theme options (customize Elevate to your liking)

Sortable portfolio on the back-end

Filterable portfolio on the front end

Custom fonts (Google webfonts)

Custom accent colors (easily add your own touch!)

Bunch of custom widgets (including a Twitter widget, a social widget, a portfolio-type widget, a portfolio-type filter widget and a recent work widget)

Full localisation support (.po/.mo files are included)

Bunch of custom page templates (archives, wide, contact and portfolio)

Layered PSD files (for customisation purposes)

Well documented (just incase)

Dummy content XML file included in Download

Much more..



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