Date & Time Picker Dialog in Android


In this tutorial we are going to open a DatePickerFragment and use its onDateSet Callback to send the date to our Activity and show it there. We are also going to format that date to our Locale.
A simple dialog containing an DatePicker.

On Android, DatePicker is a control that selects users by selecting the date by day, month and year in our application user interface.

If we use DatePicker in our application, it will ensure that users select a valid date.

Below is the graphical representation of the use of a datepicker control in Android applications.

Time Picker on Android is a widget that allows users to select the time of day in AM / PM mode or 24 hours.

The time shown on the widget consists of hours, minutes and the clock format.

And, to show adding this widget in your mobile application, you must use a TimePickerDialog class.

How to Run your Code:

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